D.J. Eastburn

Associate Specialist,
Department of Plant Sciences
Curriculum Vitae

Selected Projects
  • Quantifying the response of multiple ecosystem services to decision-making
  • Irrigated pasture enhancement project
  • Closing the adaptive management loop through development of remote sensing tools
  • Controlling invasive plants to enhance water supply and other ecosystem services
  • Managing multiple use watersheds: implications for water quality
  • Lead web and application development for UC Rangelands
Selected Publications

Byrnes, R.C., D.J. Eastburn, K.W. Tate, L.M. Roche. In press. A global meta-analysis of grazing impacts on soil health indicators. Journal of Environmental Quality View First Look

Eastburn, D.J., L.M. Roche, M.P. Doran, P.R. Blake, C.S. Bouril, G. Gamble, E.S. Gornish, 2018. Seeding plants for long-term multiple ecosystem service goals. Journal of Environmental Management 211, 191-197. View Publication

Salls, W.B., D.J. Lewis, R.E. Larsen, L.M. Roche, D.J. Eastburn, A.D. Hollander, K.W. Tate, A.T. O’Geen. In press. Modeled Soil Erosion Potential is Low Across California’s Annual Rangelands. California Agriculture

Eastburn, D.J., A.T. O’Geen, K.W. Tate, L.M. Roche. 2017. Multiple ecosystem services in a working landscape. PLoS ONE 12(3): e0166595. View Publication

Roche, L.M., A.T. O’Geen, A.M. Latimer, D.J. Eastburn. 2014. Montane meadow hydropedology, plant community, and herbivore dynamics. Ecosphere 5:art150. View Publication

Roche, L.M., A.J. Latimer, D.J. Eastburn, K.W. Tate. 2012. Cattle grazing and conservation of a meadow-dependent amphibian species in the Sierra Nevada. PLoS ONE 7(4): e35734. View Publication

Roche, L.M., B. Allen-Diaz, D.J. Eastburn, K.W. Tate. 2012. Cattle grazing and Yosemite toad (Bufo canorus Camp) breeding habitat in Sierra Nevada meadows. Rangeland Ecology and Management 65:56-65 View Publication

Selected Media


M.S. – University of California, Davis – Soils & Biogeochemistry
B.S. – University of California, Davis – Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity

Professional Affiliations

Soil Science Society of America
American Geophysical Union
Society for Range Management
Ecological Society of America