D.J. Eastburn

Assistant Specialist,
Department of Plant Sciences

Curriculum Vitae


M.S. – University of California, Davis – Soils & Biogeochemistry

B.S. – University of California, Davis – Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity

Areas of interest

Soils & Biogeochemistry      Agricultural Adaptation
Ecosystem Services              Agroecology
Rangeland Ecology              Water Quality

Selected Publications

Eastburn, D.J., A.T. O’Geen, K.W. Tate, L.M. Roche. 2017. Multiple ecosystem services in a working landscape. PLoS ONE 12(3): e0166595. View Publication

Roche, L.M., A.T. O’Geen, A.M. Latimer, D.J. Eastburn. 2014. Montane meadow hydropedology, plant community, and herbivore dynamics. Ecosphere 5:art150. View Publication

Roche, L.M., A.J. Latimer, D.J. Eastburn, K.W. Tate. 2012. Cattle grazing and conservation of a meadow-dependent amphibian species in the Sierra Nevada. PLOS ONE 7(4): e35734. View Publication

Roche, L.M., B. Allen-Diaz, D.J. Eastburn, K.W. Tate. 2012. Cattle grazing and Yosemite toad (Bufo canorus Camp) breeding habitat in Sierra Nevada meadows. Rangeland Ecology and Management 65:56-65 View Publication

Professional Affiliations

Soil Science Society of America
American Geophysical Union
Society for Range Management
Ecological Society of America
Society for Ecological Restoration