Drought Feeding, Alternative Feedstuffs, and Nutrition

rangelandDrought-Related Poisoning and   Nutritional Risks to Cattle

Drought can increase the risks of animal poisonings and nutritional imbalances, and the onset of drought‐breaking rains can dramatically alter grazing conditions, posing additional health risks to cattle

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Drought Strategies for Feeding Cattle Grazing Annual Grassland

Drought leads to predictable lack of forage production on rangelands. This publication is designed to help producers think through the supplmentation of cattle during drought years.

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rangelandUse of Alternative Feedstuffs in Cow Calf Operations

Overview of alternative feedstuffs available to California livestock producers, including nutrient information, costs and considerations for managers

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rangelandLimit Feeding Concentrate Diets to Cows

In years when hay and forage production is low due to drought, limit feeding concentrate rations may be an option for some producers to reduce feed costs while maintaining nutritional requirements of cattle

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rangelandDrought Feeding and Management of Beef Cattle

Guidelines to assist beef producers in reducing drought-related costs and impacts by managing for the planning, feeding and recovery periods of a drought

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Drought Feeding and Management of Sheep

General recommendations for developing a plan to manage conservation challenges, animal feed requirements, feeding in confined areas and assessing water reserves and quality in drought conditions

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Supplemental Feeds for Cattle Operations during Drought

A guide to using alternative supplemental forages to augment rangeland forage during drought.

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