The goal of the 4th Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium is to engage ranchers, land managers, researchers, and policymakers in co-developing actionable science, policy, and management to sustain rangelands. The symposium will focus on partnerships surrounding a variety of topics, including: sustaining water resources; coping with drought; habitat conservation; and enhancing ranch profitability. Click here for more details and to register. 

Speaker Highlight –
Sediment and Salmon: Ranch Management Strategies to Conserve Habitat

Dina Moore, Rancher and Member of the Yager/Van Duzen Environmental Stewards (YES)

​David Lewis, Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension

With the Endangered Species Act listing of the coho salmon on California’s north coast, landowners, conservation organizations, regulatory agencies, and scientists were charged with finding solutions to in-stream habitat degradation by erosion and sediment. Potential sediment producing activities on private ranches in the region include timber production, livestock grazing, and the road networks allowing access to these rugged lands. The region is also known for high natural erosion potential, and the legacy sediment contributed to stream channels from historic logging and mining activities. Dina Moore and David Lewis will discuss the partnerships between landowners, water resource protection agencies, and scientists to identify the sources of sediment in these watersheds and implement practices to reduce erosion and protect this endangered species.

Poster Session –
The poster session is a great opportunity to showcase your work to ranchers, researchers, land managers, agency representatives, conservationists, and policy makers.The broad focus for the combined mixer and poster session includes any activities related to sustainable rangeland research, management, conservation, and policy.

To submit your poster abstracts (250 words maximum) please contact Grace Woodmansee at

Submissions are Due Friday, March 17, 2017.