Andrew Tilton

Agricultural Systems Management
Cal Poly
Taylorsville, CA




Andrew grew up in Taylorsville, CA and was surrounded by many incredibly hardworking people in the agricultural industry.  Thanks to them, he has always known that he wants to be a part of the same industry.  He is currently a junior at Cal Poly and a member of the Cal Poly Rodeo Team.  He looks forward to graduating with a degree in Agricultural Systems Management and one day becoming the owner and manager of his own agricultural business.

“As most people know, going to Cal Poly for a 4-year degree is a considerable financial commitment. I have always wanted to go to Cal Poly, and getting help from the Rustici Scholarship through the California Farm Bureau has made it possible to obtain that goal. I’m very thankful to have such great support from the field that I hope to one day be a part of.”