My goal is to identify practical solutions to complex livestock production challenges on grazing lands and aid managers in adapting their operations under evolving socioeconomic and environmental conditions. I am passionate about conducting applied, multi-disciplinary research that addresses the sustainable management of grazing lands in the face of evolving climate and social change.

I grew up in Chico and spent my childhood in 4-H raising market lambs and actively involved in club leadership. These experiences inspired me to earn undergraduate degrees in Animal Science and Sociology from CSU, Chico. As an undergraduate research assistant at the Chico State Beef Unit, I discovered my passion for rangeland science and management — a discipline that combines my interests in social, ecological and livestock production research. I have enjoyed expanding these interests as a research assistant and graduate student in the UC Rangelands lab and look forward to continuing to work with the many wonderful people I’ve met as a lab member in my new career. I will begin my new position as the UCCE Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor in Siskiyou County on January 4, 2021. Please feel free to get in touch by contacting me at


M.S., Horticulture and Agronomy, Graduate Academic Certificate Program in Extension, Outreach and Science Communication, University of California, Davis, June 2020

  • Thesis: Learning Through Experience: An Examination of How California’s Historic Drought Shaped Rancher Adaptation and Management Strategies

B.S., Animal Science, Minor in Sociology, California State University, Chico, May 2016

  • Awards: Outstanding Agricultural Student, Class of 2016; Star Animal Science Student, 2014-2015

Selected Projects

As a member of the UC Rangelands lab, I have assisted with data collection, analysis and developing outreach material for a variety of projects, including:

Selected Research and Extension Publications

Schohr, T.K., E.S. Gornish, G. Woodmansee, J. Shaw, K.W. Tate, L.M. Roche. 2019. Practitioner insights into weed management for rangelands and natural areas. Environmental Management 65:1-8.

Woodmansee, G.E., L.M. Roche. 2018. How well do you know California ranchers? Extension fact sheet. Rangeland Decision-Making Hub, UC Rangelands Research and Information Center.

Woodmansee, G.E., L.M. Roche. 2017. California’s Working Landscapes: Annual Rangelands. Extension fact sheet. Blog Post, UC Rangelands Research and Information Center.

Davy, J., Kyser, G., DiTomaso, J., Rinella, M., and Woodmansee, G. 2016. Medusahead Seed Suppression with Milestone Herbicide. TechLine Invasive Plant News.

Selected Presentations

Woodmansee, G.E., Schohr, T.K., Macon, D.K., Roche, L.M. Drought Adaptation for California Livestock Producers: Lessons from California’s Historic Drought. Society for Range Management Annual Meeting (Poster presentation). Denver, Colorado: February 16- 20, 2020.

Woodmansee, G.E., J.M. Harper, K.W. Tate, L.M. Roche, T.L. Saitone. Eco-Economic Impacts of Divergent Conservation Paradigms. California Cattlemen’s Association Annual Meeting (Poster presentation). Sparks, Nevada: Nov 29-Dec 1, 2017.

Woodmansee, G.E., K.N. Bohn, D. Flavell, N. Schweitzer, D.A. Daley, J.S. Davy, K.L. DeAtley. Utilization of Wet Brewers Grain as a Winterfeed Supplement for Beef Cows Grazing Annual Grasslands. Society for Range Management Annual Meeting (Poster presentation). St. George, Utah: Jan 30-Feb 3, 2017.

Woodmansee, G.E., Wisniewski, J.M., D.A. Daley, S.P. Doyle, K.L. DeAtley. Growth Performance and Feed Efficiency of Commercial and Half-Blood Lowline-Angus Steers in Backgrounding and Finishing Phases. Agricultural Research Institute Annual Research Showcase (Oral presentation). Pomona, California: Dec 3, 2016.

Professional Affiliations
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • Rural Sociological Society
  • Society for Range Management Young Professionals Conclave
  • Society for Range Management
  • California Cattlemen’s Association