Video Resources


Star Grazers: Rangeland Integrated Pest Management

Information about the use of livestock to control weeds and grasses as part of a DPR Alliance Grant to the University of California, Davis.


Sheep and Goats Graze the Oakland Hills of the East Bay

Bianca Soares, project manager of Los Banos-based Star Creek Land Steward, explains how sheep and goats are used for targeted grazing at the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve to help prevent fires. Published by the California Farm Bureau Federation.


Ecological Value of Managing Livestock Grazing Distribution

Presentation by Ken Tate, CE Specialist in Rangeland Watershed Sciences

Recorded at the symposium Targeted Grazing: Management of Livestock Distribution, that was part of the Society for Range Management 66th Annual Meeting, Technical Training & Trade Show February 2-8, 2013.


Yellow Starthistle: IPM Strategies

Dr. Joe DiTomaso discusses management strategies for Yellow Starthistle, including herbicides, burning, and hand removal and how these strategies can be best applied to minimize non-target species damage.


Weed Research and Information Center 

WeedRIC video resources, including herbicide sprayer calibration tutorials, weed identification techniques, and species specific control strategies.