The 1st Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium

January 19-20, 2012 ◆ UC Davis Freeborn Hall

Held in conjunction with the
7th Annual California Rangeland Conservation Coalition Summit


The Rangeland Science Symposium provides a forum for California’s rangeland and ranching communities to learn about and discuss the most recent research about contemporary rangeland issues. Emphasis is placed on:

  1. Translating new research findings for immediate use in management and policy
  2. Identifying critical information needs to guide new research and outreach
  3. Stimulating new collaborations between managers, scientists, and other stakeholders

This inaugural symposium focused on managing rangelands for multiple ecosystem services, such as clean water, habitat, diversity, resistance to weed invasion, carbon sequestration and nutrient retention, and livestock production. The symposium will address the opportunities, challenges, and trade-offs of simultaneously managing for multiple ecosystem services.


Symposium Presentations


Managing Rangelands for Multiple Ecosystem Services

Randy Dahlgren, Department of Land, Air and Water, UC Davis

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Managing for Ecosystem Services: Research Base and New Directions for Range Science

Justin Derner, ARS-Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Managing for Ecosystem Services: Management Knowledge and Information Needs

Rodd Tripp, EBMUD; Anne Yost, USFS; David Lile, UCCE; Jack Hanson, WC Ranch

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Managing Soils as a Foundation to Support Ecosystem Services

Toby O'geen, Department of Land, Air and Water, UC Davis

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Managing Weeds to Conserve Diversity and Productivity

Joe DiTomaso, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

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Managing Livestock to Deliver Safe Water to Society

Robert Atwill, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis

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Integrating Ecosystem Services into Adaptive Rangeland Management

Mark Lubell, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis

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Tradeoffs in Managing for Multiple Ecosystem Services

Leslie Roche, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

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Marketing the Fruits of Multiple Resource Management

Frank Casey, Center for Science and Decisions, USGS

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California's Oak Woodlands: Public Values from Private Lands

Richard Standiford, Center for Forestry, UC Berkeley

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Compiling and Analyzing Management Case Studies:
A Project Under Development

Valerie Eviner, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

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Bridging the Gap between the Research Plot and the Ranch

Ken Tate, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

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Sponsored by
Russell L. Rustici Rangeland Endowment, University of California, Davis
Kearney Foundation for Soil Science, University of California