Information, Resources, and Programs

California Wolf Conservation Plan

Learn more about the California Wolf Conservation Plan.

Information on Gray Wolf in California

This multi-agency fact sheet overviews gray wolf protections under federal law, methods to discourage livestock depredation by wolves, and how to report wolf sightings and possible wolf-caused livestock depredations.

Wolf Fact Sheet

CDFW fact sheet covering multiple techniques to discourage wolf presence, and how to protect the scene and report suspect wolf depredations on livestock.

Coyote Management Guidelines

Information on coyote behavior, identification and management.

Managing Coyotes in Urban Settings

USDA Wildlife Services fact sheet on techniques to avoid human-coyote conflict in towns and suburbs.

Coyote Cacher

Coyote Cacher is part of a research project with the UC Cooperative Extension that aims to collect more information on coyote encounters in California. This site includes an interactive map of human/coyote encounters, and the opportunity to upload your own data. 

USDA Larger Dog Breeds Research Program

Fact sheets and research updates on USDA’s Wildlife Services (WS) and the National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) efforts to identify more suitable breeds of livestock protection dogs.

Managing Carnivores

Resolving conflicts between people and carnivores through the development of effective, selective, and socially responsible methods, tools, and techniques.

NWRC Carnivore Research Video

Informational video describing the research being conducted on carnivore conflict management by the National Wildlife Research Center Utah Field Station.