Louise Martin

    Rangeland Resource Science
    CSU Humboldt
     Chicago, IL




Louise has always had a strong passion and interest for science and natural systems.  She has enjoyed working for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and is studying Rangeland Resource Science at CSU Humboldt. She looks forward to a career in rangeland management as an opportunity to both provide food for communities and maintain and protect natural ecosystems, and is particularly interested in the integration of soil microbial ecology and the restoration of native plant ecosystems. “I endeavor to own and operate my own piece of rangeland as a working research ranch that supports studies in restoring native grassland systems, soil ecology, and holistic management.”


“This scholarship has helped me immensely. Receiving the Rustici Scholarship has reduced the hours I need to work during the school year, allowing me to focus on my school work and my son. I’ve been able to engage with my studies and apply interests outside of class, like beginning to collect and propagate native California grass seed.”