Matthew Delbar

Rangeland Ecology and Management/ Agricultural Economics
University of Idaho

Potter Valley, California

Matthew is a junior at the University of Idaho majoring in Rangeland Ecology and Management, and Agricultural Economics with an emphasis in Agribusinesses, and a certificate in Rangeland Restoration. Growing up on his family’s ranch, he watched as cows were moved to manage grasslands, and how the family worked to improve both the herd and the land. Since then he has always had an interest in learning more about the rangelands that cattlemen use and ways to improve them. Studying rangeland ecology and restoration practices excites him to bring back new ideas to his family’s ranch, and to help other ranches improve their lands. His future goal is to become a rangeland consultant and cattle rancher

"I am truly thankful for receiving this scholarship as it will help me pay to further my education this year," states Matthew, a 2017-2018 Rustici Scholarship Award Recipient. "I work and strive to pay for as much of my education as I can, and the Rustici scholarship is a tremendous help to these efforts."