The 4th Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium

March 23-24, 2017 ◆ UC Davis Conference Center

This year's symposium focused on the partnerships surrounding a variety of topics including: sustaining water resources, coping with drought, habitat conservation, and enhancing profitability. 

Symposium Presentations


Day 1: Model Partnerships and Building Alliances

Addressing Water Quality Concerns
Grazing on a Municipal Watershed

Tim Koopmann, Water Resource Specialist and Manager Emeritus, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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Best Management Practices at the Ranch to Minimize Pathogen Loading

Ken Tate, Professor and CE Specialist in Rangeland Watershed Sciences, UC Davis

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Addressing Endangered Species Habitat Impairment 
Salmon and Sediment in California North Coast Watersheds

David Lewis, UC Cooperative Extension

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The Yager/Van Duzen Environmental Stewards (YES)

Dina Moore, Rancher

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Importance of Partnerships in Science, Practice, and Policy to Solve the Big Issues Facing Our Rangeland and Ranching Communities
Rangeland Conservation Success

Nita Vail, Chief Executive Officer, California Rangeland Trust

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Bi-State Sage Grouse Local Area Working Group: Voluntary Partnership Rather than Regulatory Driven Conservation

Steve Lewis, Extension Educator, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Steve Fulstone, Rancher and Member of the Bridgeport Ranchers Organization

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The California Grazing Water Quality Partnership

Dan Macon, Assistant Specialist, UC Davis

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Collaborative Grazing Lands Water Resource Management

Dorene D'Adamo, Member, CA State Water Resources Control Board

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In Pursuit of Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Soils

Jenny Lester Moffitt, Deputy Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture

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Day 2: Model Partnerships 

Addressing Production and Conservation Goals
Collaborative Adaptive Rangeland Management in Semiarid Ecosystems

Justin Derner, Research Leader, USDA-ARS Rangeland Resources Systems Research Unit and Director, Central Plains Experimental Range Long-Term Agro- ecosystem Research (LTAR) site, Colorado

Dana Bowman, Rancher, Crow Valley Livestock Cooperative, Inc.

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Growing Conservation and Successful Ranch Communities Through Grassbanking

Brian Martin, Program Director, Montana, The Nature Conservancy- With Contributions from TNC Ranching Partners

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Safe Harbor Partnership on the Shasta River

Carissa Koopmann Rivers, UC Cooperative Extension

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Partnerships to Cope with Drought: Insights from Rancher Decision-Making

Leslie Roche, CE Specialist in Rangeland Management, UC Davis

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