Managing for Drought

Ranchers and researchers working together to develop management tools for adaptation strategies for drought.

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Public Lands Grazing

Mountain meadows and riparian areas across the western United States constitute a unique and critical natural resource.

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Irrigated Pasturelands

We are working with land managers to develop research, training, and extension programs on irrigated pastureland enhancement strategies.

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News and Highlights

 Do you know private landowners who demonstrate outstanding stewardship and management of natural resources? Encourage them to apply for the $10,000 California Leopold Conservation Award. >>More

Now available! Riparian Meadow Response to modern conservation grazing management   We examined potential relationships between long-term changes in plant community, livestock grazing pressure and environmental conditions at two spatial scales in mountain meadows grazed under conservation management strategies.   >>More

Now available! Comparing herbaceous plant communities in active and passive riparian restoration   Understanding the efficacy of passive and active restoration strategies is important for the design of successful revegetation of degraded riparian habitat.   >>More

Now Available! Multiple ecosystem services in a working landscape   This work highlights the benefits of landscape diversity in vegetative states to support both agricultural and conservation goals. It also provides a working example of how state-and-transition models can be used in developing conservation programs and incentives.   >>More


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