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Just Published! Practitioner insights into weed management on California’s rangelands and natural areas  Survey of 260 rangeland managers and restoration practitioners to investigate invasive and weedy species of concern, land management goals, perceived effectiveness of existing practices (i.e., prescribed fire, grazing, herbicide use, and seeding), and barriers to practice implementation.

Just Published! Management scale assessment of practices to mitigate cattle microbial water quality impairments of coastal waters  Trend analysis of a 19-year dataset to assess long-term microbial water quality responses resulting from a program to implement 40 grazing best management practices within the Olema Creek Watershed, a primary tributary to Tomales Bay, USA.

Just Published! Beef production simulation of nitrate and lipid supplements for pasture and rangeland fed enterprises  Long-term effects of dietary supplements on productivity, economics, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of 2 beef enterprises were simulated across 30 years: Enterprise 1. Angus steers in New South Wales, Australia and Enterprise 2. British x Charolais steers (1.0 head/ha) in California, USA.

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  • Week by week sales growth. Image shows a chart with percent sales growth on y axis and time on x axis. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Deli Meat, Turkey, and Lamb increased in sales growth between March 1st and week ending March 22nd. The increases range from 126% for turkey to 38% growth for beef.Short-Term Impacts of COVID-19 for the Beef Industry
    Among the myriad of concerns surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic is unease about the performance of the U.S. food supply chain. The recent pricing patterns and market dynamics observed in the beef industry have stimulated a lot of concern and discussion about what the future holds. In this blog I discuss the short-term demand impacts and how these changes have influenced beef prices, as well as a variety of factors that are likely to impact the supply side of the beef market. Many researchers and analysts have been considering these topics from a variety of angles. I endeavor here to bring that information together in a comprehensive assessment and separate fact from fiction[…]
  • UC Rangelands Winter Newsletter
    The 2019 Beef Symposium focused on rangeland enhancement through genetic selection and adaptive management. Researchers and livestock managers shared emerging information on bridging genetics and rangeland management, as well as other contemporary management issues. The event was a collaboration of Chico State professors, Chico State Young Cattlemen's Association, New Mexico State University professor and UC Cooperative Extension[…]
  • Local stakeholders gather for the 2018 Rustici Tour on the Plumas National Forest
    UCCE Plumas-Sierra and UC Rangelands hosted the 2nd Rustici Rangeland Tour on the Beckwourth Ranger District for more than 60 attendees on the Plumas National Forest. The event created a venue for local forest staff, agency leadership, grazing permittees, and other regional stakeholders to discuss contemporary research, management, and monitoring for sustainable public lands grazing. The Rustici Rangeland Tour was established as part of the Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium series to bring hands-on extension education opportunities to local resource managers and stakeholders in a field-based setting[…]

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