Managing for Drought

Ranchers and researchers working together to develop management tools for adaptation strategies for drought.

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Public Lands Grazing

Mountain meadows and riparian areas across the western United States constitute a unique and critical natural resource.

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Water Quality

Livestock grazing on rangelands can be compatible with water quality and environmental health goals.

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News and Highlights

UC faculty and UCCE academics - Rustici Range and Cattle Research RFP is out!  The endowment has put forth a request for proposals (RFP) for University of California personnel to support problem-solving research that will benefit California range cattle producers and provide practical answers to critical issues and challenges facing the industry.  >>More

Introducing the Rangeland Research & Education Archive Provides access to online education resources including over 700 publications and reports on pasture and rangelands. >>More

Just Published! Coping with Drought on California Rangelands. >>More

Drought Impacts on California Ranches — Evaluating drought response and recovery strategies. Given the extent, and severity of the current drought, we are surveying livestock producers to learn more about the real impacts of this drought on their operations. >>More

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  • 1stRRSTour_GroupActionPhoto1st Rustici Rangeland Tour a success!
    Last week, we held our 1st Rustici Rangeland Tour in the beautiful Warner Mountains in Alturas, Calif. The tour continued the conversation from our 3rd Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium, providing […]
  • Foothill Abortion Vaccine Progress
    Carissa Koopmann Rivers, UCCE Siskiyou County Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor This blog post was adapted from the UCCE Siskiyou Stockman – Livestock and Rangeland News – April 2016* UC […]

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