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2019 Rustici Rangeland and Cattle Research Endowment Request for Proposals. The UC Rustici Rangeland and Cattle Research Endowment is pleased to announce the release of the 2019 request for proposals.

Just Published! A global meta-analysis of grazing impacts on soil health indicators Soils are the backbone of stability and resilience in grazing land systems. To determine livestock grazing impacts on soil health, we conducted a global meta-analysis of soil organic carbon, total N, C/N ratio, and bulk density responses to grazing strategies and intensities from studies around the world.

Just Published! Seeding plants for long-term multiple ecosystem service goals We investigated the long-term effects of 4 seeding mixes (forage annual, native perennial, exotic perennial, and exotic-native perennial) on multiple ecosystem services, including invasion resistance, pollinator food sources, plant community diversity, and forage quality and productivity.

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