Russell L. Rustici Rangeland and Cattle Research Endowment

The Russell L. Rustici Rangeland and Cattle Research Endowment has put forth a request for proposals (RFP) for University of California personnel to support problem-solving research that will benefit California range cattle producers and provide practical answers to critical issues and challenges facing the industry. One goal is to promote collaboration and strengthen the network among research faculty, Cooperative Extension specialists and advisors, and range cattle producers.

Funding opportunities are available for collaborative research, workshops, conferences, and symposia. Three to four research proposals will be awarded with annual budgets not exceeding $60,000 per year. The deadline for submission is commonly in October or November of each year. For additional information, please email

Recently Funded Research

Alfalfa for Better Rangeland
Charlie Brummer, Professor, UCD Plant Sciences

Quantitative assessment of range use effects on fire behavior
Luke Macaulay, CE Specialist, UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management

Bovine anaplasmosis epidemiology
Gabriele Maier, CE Specialist, UCD School of Veterinary Medicine

Research Archive

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