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Livestock and Natural Resources Area Advisor
location symbol = Placer CountyUC Agriculture & Natural Resources is hiring for a Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor serving Placer, Nevada, Sutter, and Yuba Counties. Click here to apply!

The seven principles for successful livestock grazing management on semiarid and arid rangelands of the western United States: Use a grazing plan; Optimize stocking rate; Evaluate distribution; Practice adaptive management; Prioritize ecological health; Welfare begets performance; and Think beyond the rangeNew Publication! Principles for Successful Livestock Grazing Management on Western US Rangelands We collaborated with hundreds of livestock grazing management experts to develop a set of evidence-based, adaptable principles tailored for successful management in the semiarid and arid rangelands of the western United States.

Post-fire decision-making timeline: (flame image) Wildfire event - Increasing frequency, severity, and extent of rangeland wildfires have escalated the need for effective post-fire grazing decision-making. (person with "A,B,C,D" above head) Summer/Fall - In the first 1-3 months after fire, set management objectives and create a monitoring plan. Consider contingencies and trade-offs between ecological and economic objectives. (grass image) Spring - Conduct on-the-ground rangeland health assessments with all land managers/owners responsible for the areas of concern. Look for key indicators of range readiness for grazing. (cow grazing image) Ongoing - Implement grazing plan, monitor and evaluate rangeland health, and adapt management practices as necessary.Postfire Grazing on CA’s Intermountain Rangelands. This rapid user guide is for land managers and livestock producers in CA's intermountain rangelands. It focuses on outlining essential factors to consider when making decisions in the aftermath of wildfire.

“Ranch Water Quality Planning Instructor's Guide and Lesson Plan” won the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals Bronze Award! The Ranch Water Quality Planning Instructor's Guide and Lesson Plan represents the evolution of the UC Ranch Water Quality Planning Partnership and shortcourse program. Access education materials here!


Working Rangeland Wednesdays

Join us for Working Rangelands Wednesdays, where we explore topics around rangeland agriculture in California and across the West. The goal of this webinar series is to discuss challenges related to managing multiple-use rangelands through an applied, land manager-oriented lens.