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Just Published! Riparian health improves with managerial effort to implement livestock distribution practices A study conducted across 46 grazed riparian areas finds that appropriate managerial investments in grazing distributional practices can improve riparian health.

Just Published! Microbial Water Quality Conditions Associated with Livestock Grazing, Recreation, and Rural Residences in Mixed-Use Landscapes Study of fecal indicator bacteria concentrations associated with extensive livestock grazing, recreation, and rural residences in three watersheds in California found 87% of sample sites were below contemporary Escherichia coli-based microbial water quality standards.

Just Published! Increases in Soil and Woody Biomass Carbon Stocks as a Result of Rangeland Riparian Restoration Study concludes that revegetating rangeland streambanks for erosion control has a substantial additional benefit of mitigating global climate change, and should be considered in carbon accounting and any associated financial compensation mechanisms.


Working Rangeland Wednesdays

Join us for Working Rangelands Wednesdays, where we explore topics around rangeland agriculture in California and across the West. The goal of this webinar series is to discuss challenges related to managing multiple-use rangelands through an applied, land manager-oriented lens.