happycows smA New Name in Rangelands!

We are excited to release UC Rangelands, a new initiative launched by Leslie Roche, Ph.D. and Ken Tate, Ph.D. at UC Davis, in cooperation with other faculty and researchers at the University of California and UC Cooperative Extension.

The mission of UC Rangelands is to develop and advance science-based knowledge to diverse management and policy stakeholders to promote agricultural and environmental sustainability on California’s grazing lands.

As part of this initiative, we are building a new one-stop-shop for rangeland research information and resources at rangelands.ucdavis.edu/. At this new web-based information center, you will find updates on current projects by the UC Rangelands team, as well as highlights of future and past research and outreach activities.

Our Team is Growing!

In the past year a number of new faces have joined our team, and some familiar faces have taken on new roles!

  • Leslie Roche, UCCE Specialist¬†in Rangeland¬†Management at UC Davis.
  • Dan Macon, Assistant Specialist at UC Davis.
  • Kelsey DeRose, Junior Specialist at UC Davis.
  • Janyne Little, Junior Specialist with UCCE Lassen and Modoc Counties.
  • Cari Koopmann Rivers, UCCE Livestock and Natural Resources advisor in Siskiyou County.

You can learn more about the UC Rangelands team and get links to all UCCE Livestock and Natural Resources advisors by vising rangelands.ucdavis.edu/.

NEW Project Profile – Drought Impacts on California Ranches

Drought is nothing new for ranchers; in fact, ranchers largely depend on dryland grazing and are among the first impacted by drought. Over 90% of California has endured severe to exceptional drought since 2012. Given the extent and severity of the current drought, the team at UC Rangelands is interviewing livestock producers to learn more about the real impacts of this drought on their operations.

The Drought Impacts on California Ranches Survey is a collaboration between UC Davis, UCCE, the California Cattlemen’s Association, and the California Wool Growers Association. We are conducting telephone surveys with ranchers to examine drought management strategies, economic and ecological impacts, and drought adaptation and recovery strategies resulting from one of our most severe droughts on record.

Project Outcomes

  • Compile expertise of experienced ranchers on effective drought planning and strategies for recovery.
  • Quantify real-world economic, social, and ecological impacts of drought to inform future drought planning and policies.
  • Develop a California Ranch Drought Hub that integrates existing research and outreach resources with survey information.

Our goal is to interview 200 beef and sheep producers. Interested in participating or want more information? Please contact Dan Macon (dmacon@ucdavis.edu; (530) 889-7324), Leslie Roche (lmroche@ucdavis.edu; (530) 752-5583), or Tracy Schohr (tkschohr@ucdavis.edu; (530) 754-8766).


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